Jeremy Miller
Manager of Support Services
Jeremy Miller, a project manager and estimator, knows the energy industry inside and out. He displays the MG Dyess values that make the company stand out from the crowd of pipeline and facility construction companies. “I’ve worked on several standout projects,” Miller said. “But at MG Dyess, I really feel the team coming together to solve problems and create results that thrill our clients.”

After receiving his Bachelor of Science in construction engineering from the University of Southern Mississippi in 2006 and completing a subsequent internship at MG Dyess, Miller went on to work for an impressive variety of oil and gas companies as a field engineer, office manager, and project manager. Upon his return to MG Dyess, Miller brings over a decade of energy industry experience to each project he undertakes. “There’s nothing like the MG Dyess family,” Miller said. “We don’t stop until every detail is addressed and the client is happy.”