Character. Vision. Success.

These aren’t just words. They’re the heritage of M. G. Dyess. They are the foundation on which we stand.

We are a group of people committed to character in all that we do. It shapes our vision and has forged our success. We are defined by innovation, ingenuity, and an absolute refusal to fail. Honesty, integrity, and dependability punctuate everything we do, and our dedication to hard work never fails to produce work that we stand behind. We believe in giving our customers the absolute highest level of service possible. We believe in hard work and in trustworthiness. We are successful because of unmatched dependability, passion, and teamwork.

We are M. G. Dyess, Inc. – until recently aquired by Quanta Services Inc., we were a privately owned Mississippi corporation providing pipeline construction and related services to the oil and gas industry since 1992.  Over the span of 20 years, we’ve cultivated and maintained a reputation as a dependable driver of technology and innovation, a trusted partner, and an industry leader. We see every projects through from start to finish, we’re accountable to the smallest detail, and we forge relationships that last.

Our character is field tested. We consistently meet and exceed the needs and expectations of major oil & gas transmission companies across the Appalacian, Eastern, South Central, Gulf Coast, Midwest, and Rocky Mountain regions of the United States. We currently hold active licenses in 42 states. Whether the terrain consists of heavy timber, rocky mountainous terrains, or flat agricultural fields, we get the job done safe and on time.

Bringing together the industry’s most skilled and experienced personnel, M.G. Dyess has grown from an annual average of 150 employees to a peak workforce of over 1,200 employees. We also own all our equipment, which means efficiency and a quick startup time. We have a passion for innovation and all things pipeline. We specialize in:

      Pipeline Construction
      Pipeline Rehabilitation
      Station Facilities
      Plant and Pipeline Maintenance
      Labor Crews
      Heavy Equipment Rentals
      ROW Stabilization & ROW Erosion Control
      Emergency Call-Outs (24-7)
      Hazardous Materials Handling

We are committed to a legacy of safety. The well-being of our employees, along with the protection of the environment, is as important to us as any other aspect of our business. From the beginning, we’ve maintained a high safety rating and pride ourselves in our employees.

We are M. G. Dyess, and we’re Pipelining America’s Energy.