Hunter Dyess
Manager of Growth Services
A go-getter who worked in the pipeline field while pursuing his degree in construction engineering, Hunter Dyess knows how to see a project through to completion. Thorough, detail-oriented, and prepared to go the extra mile, Dyess believes that every project is an exciting problem to be solved. “I have always loved a challenge,” Dyess said. “At MG Dyess, I get to apply my experience and my problem-loving brain to a wide array of projects and challenges. I love working with my team and my clients to achieve outstanding results.”

After receiving his Bachelor of Science in construction engineering from the University of Southern Mississippi in 2007, Dyess worked as a field engineer, a construction engineer, a project manager, and an estimator for MG Dyess. As he worked his way up to his current position, Dyess learned how to produce stellar, consistent results for clients. “Pipeline and facility construction requires you to be obsessive about the details,” he said. “And I’m completely fine with people calling me obsessive when it comes to projects and