Ricky Dyess
Vice President Engineering
Known for his motto, “No mistakes, no mistakes, no mistakes,” Ricky Dyess has been leading MG Dyess through bid preparation, contracts administration, project budgeting, and client relations since 1997. With over three decades of experience in pipeline and facility construction and estimation, Dyess is our invaluable, go-to resource for all technical functions of MG Dyess.

In 1981, Dyess received his Bachelor of Science in construction engineering from the University of Southern Mississippi. After receiving his degree, he worked on many high-profile energy projects in several crucial roles. Over the years, he transitioned from engineer to project manager to vice president for several different projects. Dyess knows that hard work, consistency, and a relentless eye for detail go a long way in the energy industry; these were all tools he carried with him into his role at MG Dyess, where he now manages over $250 million per year in construction projects. For over twenty years, Ricky Dyess has been selflessly managing the nitty-gritty operations of the company. “At MG Dyess, preparation and attention to detail are everything,” Dyess said. “When our team walks into a room, we know we’ve done our homework. We’re ready to give our clients the best, most efficient results possible.”